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2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Stock - for now :)

2003 Jeep KJ (Liberty) Sport with Sunroof  (RIP 2014)

Head Unit - Sony Xplod CDX-MP40
300Watt Amp - Pioneer GM-3100T
300Watt Sub - Pioneer TS-WX100BP
CB Radio and Antenna - Howto
EVIC (56042749AE Preferably) - Howto
Cruise Control - Howto (Writen by Me!)
Rear Window Protector - Howto

Power Seats - Howto
5 Bolt the Rear Spare - Howto
Rear Cabin Light - Howto
Foot Curisy Lights - Howto

My How-To's are coming from here.

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