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A Generalist SME in Information Security and Open Source solutions, Jason has been working in Information Security for over 15 years and Open Source for 10 years. Previously a lead developer for the Joomla! Open Source CMS system and Senior Security expert for a top 5 financial institution in Canada. Now part of the Joomla! Security Strike Team, and independent consultant for Open Source and Security. He enjoys working with new technology including Network/Software Security and forensics and holds certifications for CE|H, GIAC GCFA, GREM, GWEB and LPIC-1.


Born in Feb 1979, started in the computing industry with Pong. In the late ‘80s moved into the Commodore 64 where I developed utilities in Basic (Yes, before I was 10). Moved into a Tandy PC shortly there after when even more Basic programming was completed including a full blown login system. I ran a BBS (‘The BBS Enterprise’) for 4 years and became a regular poster on the Fido Network. First introduction to the Internet was via my high school to the time where we accessed gopher and telnet via a shared modem line. I started with Slackware Linux in the early ‘90s and ever since then I’ve been working with new technologies including VoIP, and IPv6. Started PHP development in Feb 2000 with my own concept of what is now known as MVC, although you wouldn’t know it. I’m currently working as an Information Security Analyst and hold a number of certifications on computer networking and technologies.


I'm currently married, living in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. My wife and I have a beautiful baby girl Hannah which was born in April, 2007.