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From my good Friend Marcel Gagné:

Yes, it's true. Bell Canada is sticking it to small independent ISPs. Bang! Stab! Twist! From the article:

"Bell Canada faces possible legal action by independent Internet service providers who say the telecommunications company is slowing down peer-to-peer network traffic on bandwidth leased by the Canadian ISPs. Bell Canada's activity came to light last week when ISP TekSavvy Solutions started hearing complaints from customers, who claimed downloads on file-trading P2P networks that use up large amounts of bandwidth had dropped during certain hours of the day to as low as 30 Kbps to 60 Kbps. TekSavvy, a Bell Canada customer, advertises download speeds up to 5 Mbps. "

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So much for Net Neutrality in Canada, eh?
Update: Website tracking this issue can be found here: