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Sorry about the past two weeks - I'm sure everyone wants know whats been going on.

We had a bunch more firsts -



Mommy and Baby's first bakeing session


our first long distance car ride to great grandma's house


over to my parrents where she met one of the cats, a few out for food times, trip to barrie - and the all formentioned first vacation Innocent

It's been a busy few weeks with everyone that has wanted to meet Hannah - and some of them couldn't get to us. Our first vacation was a trip to Toronto where I was manning the Joomla! booth at IT360. Tre desided it would be better to get a hotel, and she wanted to come - so we packed up and all went. It went fairly well! We also stopped by Trish's and saw all the gang there.

I just wanted to also say a quick thanks to Mom/Dad, especially Mom for staying with Tre the first few days back - I know you want to come back, and it may happen yet. Also to the guys at work for all the support and forgiveness of my "Baby Brain".



Were starting to think she doesn't like her picture taken while feeding!


More pictures are in the gallery.