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A quick update on our first night at home.

My Mom and Dad came by, and we had asked if she could stick around for a few days just in case we needed help, so we have someone around while I'm at work.

As for over night, it went very well. Tre, Baby and I all crawled into bed around 9pm, Tre and I watched some TV and promptly passed out around 10pm.

Our first wake up call was around 1am, she was up for about and hour or so, and after a feeding and some mommy/daddy time she was out like a light, I wasn't far behind her.

Our second, and would you believe final, wake up of the night was around 5:30am. It was a bit more difficult and couldn't seem to quite get her to eat. But after about 30 mins, she was sucking back a bottle, to make her daddy proud! She didn't really want to go back to the bassinet, so mommy tucked her into her arms and we all slept in the bed.

I don't know when, but apparently, Tre put Hannah back into the bassinet later in the morning. We all finally work up around 9:30am, I was up and ready for work. I had thought I was to start at noon. I was wrong. But they forgave me and I'm here now working till 8.

I can't wait to get back home!