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Well, our first visit to the hospital of the day went well. Baby and mom are doing well. We where up at 7am to be at the OB ward by 8 and on the monitor by 8:15. Dr Will came in and gave us the options, do the induction or go on our own – we laughed. After a visit from the maintenance people (They were working on the curtain opposite us) away we went. We were there a total of 3 hours later and nada, nothing and no major contractions. A quick call over to the doc, and we were on our way to grab some lunch, and money from the bank. After our lunch we dashed home for a quick nap. Before I was to go upstairs I wanted to give a quick blog entry for those people watching intently for any news (Hi everyone!). I checked my email and found out one of the servers I managed was having an issue so I quickly jumped online and patched it up so it was working again, a call to the client to let them know it was back online. Unfortunately, there was a tribal yell from upstairs! Two minutes later we were back on our way to the hospital. (As you can tell, I didn’t get a chance to blog until this update, so it’s a doubleJ). Were back on the monitor (I’m on my laptop typing in word, because there isn’t any internet in this room), and the nurse is saying it was probably the water breaking – Yeah, were down to the wire!