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Well, we're in bed - only a few more hours before we head to the OB ward for the induction. I've been told we need to call ahead just in case. Tre went though the whole "Am I going to be a good Mom" routine again. I know full well she will be, with her experience with being a nanny in Toronto, and the way she treats the kids we know around us of all ages.

Me on the other hand, I'm scared s**tless. I don't have all the experience that she does. Anyone know knows me around kids, knows I don't do drool and other substances well. But everyone does say it's different when it's your own. I hope so. 

The running joke still is we'll need Tre and my self and her doctor, as well as a backup support person (Thanks Grace!) and a spare doctor. The spare doctor can sit on the couch, so when I pass out, he can grab me and toss me on it. :)

Whish us luck, about this time tomorrow (we hope) our baby girl will be in the world. 


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