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I'm a big fan of Air Canada, however, this past time flying has really left a sour taste in my mouth. When leaving LAS a few weeks ago there was serious delay in leaving. From what I understand the local LAS ground crew could not figure out how to secure an aisle wheel chair for use in YUL. (YUL Didn't have one? Really?) It took over an hour for what appeared to be a manager to come on board and take charge in getting it done. At this point, I was at least half way though the movie I was watching (007 if I remember correctly).

 Although I was pre-occupied by my movie, I was informed later that the flight crew was blaming the person needing the "special equipment" instead of the crew not being able to secure it. This left me an hour + delayed getting into YUL for my connection.

Unfortunately, this is where the problems really started. When arriving at YUL, the connection desk help already had my hotel and food vouchers ready for me (YEAH!). Alas, when I arrived at the hotel it was already -8 rooms. Which, as it turns out Air Canada was told this 5+ hours prior. (BOO!)

I'll let the following list of tweets explain what happens next (as I tweeted in real time, and there is time stamps :) )

Start Time: 20:58 EDT - My Flight to YSJ was at 20:45. 

Initial Tweet:
First Hotel:
Going to Second Hotel:
Additional Tweet One:
Second Hotel:
Hotel Does Stuff:
Additional Tweet Two:
Additional Tweet Three:
Back to the Airport:
Back to the Airport Two:

At this point, there was absolutely no people to be found at the YUL counters. I ended up calling the only number I could find which was some traveler help desk, which gave me grief. Fortunately  some staff was found by the other people in my newly formed group. Turns out, before getting to the Marriott, the support staff (not the counter staff) was going to send us all to a third hotel which was also full. Fortunately, the local counter people verified and sent us all to the Marriott instead.

Finally Checking into a hotel:

Finally at a hotel: 23:54 - 6 Minutes before Kitchen Closes for dinner

Thinking ahead, I quickly ran to the hotel restaurant to beg for support while we all checked in - the manager (I assume) quickly grabbed a bunch of menus and took our order from the hotel check-in desk so we were able to submit prior to the kitchen closing. THANK YOU Merriott!