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Last October I made the jump from a WinMo phone into the Android world. I did this because WinMo wasn't supported by my company, and I really didn't want an apple. I spent a while researching on what phone I wanted and settled on the HTC Desire HD (I've been a fan of HTC for a few years now, and I love it almost as much as my Nokia from years ago, and my Motorola IDEN style phones. )

This isn't about the phone - I wanted to give a quick list of Apps I've been using on the phone that I use - spread the word you know.

Notes: These are in no particular order - yet.


Travel tools

  • Award Wallet
    • Keeps track of my reward companies - large list of them
  • Trip Advisor
    • Reviews on Hotels and other places
  • HipMunk
    • Find Flights and Hotels with a handy UI and features - Usually look for flights here, then book via Corp Standard
  • UrbanSpoon
    • Find food based on location, type and price
  • Yelp
    • Find Food and other places in the area
  • Flixster Movies
    • Find movies that are close via GPS - very cool
  • Concur
    • If your comany uses Concur for Travel or Expenses - this is a must
  • TripIt
    • Tracks my Travel - gives me links to maps for hotels and updates me on flight delays

General Tools

  • Profile Scheduler
    • Lets me schedule profile changes based on a number of factors - Time, Location Etc.
  • Wikid Token
    • Soft Token for the WikiD Authentication System
  • Vaulty
    • Encrypting Vault for storing "sensitive" data.. No comment on how well the encryption works.
  • TuneIn Radio
    • Online Radio Stations - When I travel, I can listen to my "home" radio via WiFi
  • Barcode Scanner
    • As you might expect, a Barcode Scanner - Does 2D and QR quite well, shows you the data/link before continuing.
  • WinAmp
  • TinyCam Monitor ($)
    • IP Web Cam viewer - Free version was good so Paid for Pro features
  • Google Goggles
    • Allows you to take a picture and google for a result - very interesting results!
  • WebDav Nav Lite
    • Allows me to connect to my personal "Drop Box" made with ownCloud
  • Satellite AR
    • I am an avid Satellite Poker with a Stick - This gives an Augmented Reality view with Satellites!
  • WiFiFoFum
    • Search for and report on WiFi Signals - Found "hidden" ones with this too
  • My Data Manager
    • Keep track of data usage including Mobile, WiFi, Pre-Paid
  • GPS Status
    • Shows you a number of status' from your phone Including: GPS, Lux, Direction etc.
  • Connect Bot
    • SSH Client