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I do twitter, i post links to twitter. I wanted more details into my links I post into twitter, so I setup my own link shortener - I notice, I get anywhere between 10 and 30 clicks to my links with in about 5 seconds after I post my tweet.. Light Bulb.. Breakage, Carnage Follows.

Yes, that is how I think. Sad, I know.

Anyway.. I start asking, what happens if I send a link, in a tweet, that just 301 redirects to it self? Yeah, evil.. So I send out this tweet:

I want to see what happens to bots when you put a self referring link in twitter - so don't click this: -

And the gory details followed.

With in about 30 seconds, I had about 300 hits, in under a minute, I decided to turn off the redirect, and redirect to something else before I got into trouble with my host :)

Final count: From 11:29:22 to 11:32:11 I had over a thousand hits.

Top 5 Bad IPs that just kept following:

538 - - LinkedIn Corporation - LinkedInBot/1.0
109 - - Comcast Cable Communications - PycURL/7.19.4
101 - - PSINet - Voyager/1.0 - Possibly
100 - - PSINet - Voyager/1.0 - Possibly
88 - - Hosteurope GmbH - Blank -- Possibly

I'm sure more will be looked at at this topic..