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So - Last month I sat down with all my bills, and my computer to find a way to chop as much fat out of the bills as I can. I mean, everyone *should* be doing this at least one a year. In this case, Primus still have their unlimited North America Plans listed for 24.95 - They also charge a network access fee of about $4.00 or so. Thus, Primus comes out to about $30/month.

Bell, At this time provides a unlimited North America deal now for $22.95/month in a bell bundle. I have a home phone and satellite (I DO NOT WANT INTERNET FROM BELL). So I get that price, there is no *extra* access fee above the one I already pay for my land line.

I called bell to set this up, and a few days later It was complete. Little to my knowledge, Primus charges 1 month cancellation fee. I find this odd, since I'm not in a contract or anything. Alas, I'll call Primus and get this straitened out.

A few things:
1. I liked Primus, they were good to me before bell had their plan
2. I liked the air-miles, but really, 10 Air miles is nor worth $7/month
3. I would happily go back to Primus once they have a comparable plan
4. Both the Customer Rep and the supervisor were pleasant to talk too.. for the most part.

I begin the call with the CSR - After explaining my issues, there was no way he would even consider assisting with this problem. I'm not one to escalate my issue - I prefer not too, but I just don't feel this cancellation charge is just. So I ask for the supervisor. After talking with the supervisor she suggested that if I remain with Primus, we could wave the fee. I was a happy camper. I could stay with a company I prefer, keep getting my air miles, and save the money. Wait. Would I save the money? I flatly told out the supervisor that I would be happy to change back, however they would need to match the price bell was providing. She said she would look to find a plan.

After a few minutes on hold, she came back with a plan for $19.95/month + their monthly fee (What is with these fee's anyway?!) However, it gave unlimited calling to the US, and LD to Canada was X cents per minute. Wait, What!? This isn't the same plan. No where near it.

I calmly explain that this was unsatisfactory, and since this is tainting my relationship with Primus there is no way I would return to being a Primus customer, and will no longer recommend their services to others. At this point the supervisor would not entertain any other options. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

So thats my story. I'm still unsatisfied with the result, but alas, I will probably not be a Primus customer, and for obvious reasons, I will never recommend them to anyone.


0 #6 Cheryl 2013-12-21 03:01
Similar story but they want $59 to cancel, after over ten years as a customer. And after they ignored my cancelation notification for two months. Previous problems - no service for over a month - and was only resolved after I hired a private technician to prove it was service provider issue! And then had to go to BBB to obtain a return to service and a credit for time with no phone service at all. Guess it will be back to BBB.
0 #5 hunky50 2012-02-13 16:53
I was able to get a satisfactory resolution of my Primus Local Termination Charge, TBB Termination Charge and Hardware Handling Fee.

Quick overview:
- Was with Primus for many many years: month-to-month home phone + wireless
- Decided to switch Home Phone to Talk BroadBand (TBB) as part of my big annual bill shaving -> made the order
- Visited Bell store the same day and got even better deal on home phone + internet + TV (Triple Bundle with two loyalty perks (extra data and LD) -> made the order
- Called Primus the next day to cancel TBB - no problem - was told not to pick the modem shipment and just Return it to Sender
- Bell switched the phone line and everything was good
- Next month got a bill from Primus with $100 in charges: $60 Local Home Phone Termination Charge, $22.35 TBB Termination Charge, $9.95 Hardware Handling Fee, taxes
- Called Primus with calm and friendly, but professional voice (less than 3 minute hold around 11am). Got the TBB and Hardware fees waived (never actually had TBB as I cancelled it within 24 hours, and I didn't use the postage return sticker). But no budge on the $60.
- Did more research, eg. Order CRTC 2000-250 Optel Communications Corporation vs. Bell Canada - - Customer authorization is required - I was not aware of 30 days notice and cancellation charges
- Called Primus back again with the same voice and a lot of patience. I mentioned that I was with Primus for a long time and that I WAS planning on returning to Primus and my ideal outcome is to have the $60 waived.
- Clerk after a short schpeal mentioned that because I still have wireless with them, he'll waive the $60. I didn't have to use the CRTC bomb.

I suppose PRIMUS is becoming aware of all the bad press on the Internet about their BS fees (I made sure to mention that as well) and some customer representatives get it that it's bad for business.

I may consider switching back, but I will thread very carefully.
0 #4 John 2011-04-10 16:30
Just terminated the home phone with Primus and got ding with 33.35 termination fee?? Well. That will be the last bill forever for sure.
0 #3 Larhanya 2010-09-13 22:13
Just found out about Primus' cancellation fee. NOT a happy camper. Although I'm kicking myself for not reading the fine print sooner, I am still surprised at the terribly high fee. Plus, the CS rep was condescending and arrogant, although she did waive the fee for returning the modem kit that I didn't even know I was RENTING from Primus in the first place. I've been with Primus for over four years, but because we are moving to an area that is NOT SERVICED by them, I now have to pay through the teeth to cancel the service.

Too bad Primus just lost me as a customer forever, and I will never recommend them to anyone.
0 #2 Kevin 2010-08-20 14:01
After two years with Primus ....Of which I was under contract fort only one year ..I cancelled my service and was charged 30 days in advance and was charged a 30$ termination charge ..
Will never switch back to Primus
0 #1 Joel 2010-03-25 16:40
I'm currently going through customer support hell with Primus after trying to cancel a long distance package with them. I gave them 30 days notice that our land line was going to be disconnected (no longer needed it), yet more than 2 months later they still billed for long distance and a disconnection fee on top of that. I've contacted the Better Business Bureau and will hopefully get things straightened out with them. How you can charge for a service that was not wanted and was not delivered is beyond me.

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