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So - Last month I sat down with all my bills, and my computer to find a way to chop as much fat out of the bills as I can. I mean, everyone *should* be doing this at least one a year. In this case, Primus still have their unlimited North America Plans listed for 24.95 - They also charge a network access fee of about $4.00 or so. Thus, Primus comes out to about $30/month.

Bell, At this time provides a unlimited North America deal now for $22.95/month in a bell bundle. I have a home phone and satellite (I DO NOT WANT INTERNET FROM BELL). So I get that price, there is no *extra* access fee above the one I already pay for my land line.

I called bell to set this up, and a few days later It was complete. Little to my knowledge, Primus charges 1 month cancellation fee. I find this odd, since I'm not in a contract or anything. Alas, I'll call Primus and get this straitened out.

A few things:
1. I liked Primus, they were good to me before bell had their plan
2. I liked the air-miles, but really, 10 Air miles is nor worth $7/month
3. I would happily go back to Primus once they have a comparable plan
4. Both the Customer Rep and the supervisor were pleasant to talk too.. for the most part.

I begin the call with the CSR - After explaining my issues, there was no way he would even consider assisting with this problem. I'm not one to escalate my issue - I prefer not too, but I just don't feel this cancellation charge is just. So I ask for the supervisor. After talking with the supervisor she suggested that if I remain with Primus, we could wave the fee. I was a happy camper. I could stay with a company I prefer, keep getting my air miles, and save the money. Wait. Would I save the money? I flatly told out the supervisor that I would be happy to change back, however they would need to match the price bell was providing. She said she would look to find a plan.

After a few minutes on hold, she came back with a plan for $19.95/month + their monthly fee (What is with these fee's anyway?!) However, it gave unlimited calling to the US, and LD to Canada was X cents per minute. Wait, What!? This isn't the same plan. No where near it.

I calmly explain that this was unsatisfactory, and since this is tainting my relationship with Primus there is no way I would return to being a Primus customer, and will no longer recommend their services to others. At this point the supervisor would not entertain any other options. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

So thats my story. I'm still unsatisfied with the result, but alas, I will probably not be a Primus customer, and for obvious reasons, I will never recommend them to anyone.