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OK - so a quick update....

IT WORKS - Kinda.

Using PPC compiled mythtv bins loaded and I could navigate (better then last build) however there is some issues with ParseXML - on talking to the MythTV devs there turns out to be multiple PPC instruction sets - so I need to re-compile all the MythTV bin's to this specific PPC code (Thanks @Sphery from #MythTv-users on freenode)

Once I have this working, I'll start cleaning up the packages and build a few test images - oh, and I hope to have my Cam fixed sooner or later so I can take vid of it booting.. ALSO - big news is that there is now ways to boot with Wifi support, so that has helped a littlebit since I relocated my wii away from a network jack.

Wish me luck - and comment!


0 #4 John 2011-01-23 23:37
have you made any progress?
0 #3 spearce 2010-03-31 15:59
I recently set up Gentoo Linux (Wii Too) on my Wii and have X running with the "Cube" driver and have MythTV compiled. I can navigate through the menus with mythfrontend and it connects to my master backend (with USB NIC) but live TV always bombs out (appears to be related to video rendering limitations in the X video driver). Have you been successful with your efforts?
0 #2 Holger 2009-12-08 13:32
Today I thought about trying exactly the same thing and was on the way to set up a cross-compile env for everything when I found your page. It's VERRYYY interesting! Good luck!

...and I'm curious ;-)) Any updates?
0 #1 Martin 2009-11-08 05:44
I just got MythTV set up on my server, and got mplayer-ce working on my Wii a couple of days ago... after putting 2 and 2 together, I started searching the web for a Myth frontend that would run on Wii, and I came across this project.

Looks like you are making pretty good progress! Good luck!

P.S. - this captcha sucks.

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