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So I've been updating my Joomla! version to the latest version and adding some new components/plugin's to this website - I can into a problem where I couldn't get TinyMCE to run due to some weird errors.

Turns out, it was a cache issue, but not at the browser level. I'm a geek, everyone knows that - and as a geek, I like my websites to be fast, so I have a 75Gig proxy server - sigh, alas, the proxy server was caching the TinyMCE js files - I had todo a little digging to find out how to expire that.

I didn't want to expire the whole cache - that would just be dumb - but found lots of websites that describes howto do that.
I also couldn't find a way to expire it via the cachemgr program - weird, I know.. but alas, you can't do it from there.

I did finally find the way todo it, and I figured I'd better at least mention it here for you.

To force cache clearing of a specific item you can use the squidclient command line tool as shown below.

squidclient -m PURGE 'URL'

Simple no?