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I can't believe it. Someone is actually wardriving around my neighborhood!

Arg - A My wife just informed me that this guy has been out side our house across the street for the past 3 days at the same time. This time, she noticed that he's on his laptop. I know there are about 6 APs here. 4 Of them are mine ;) I have two secured networks, one to my internal network, and a second directly connected to the internet - for testing. I have 2 more, one is a public wifi AP that hasn't been up in a while. And my fourth, I was playing with trying to setup a mesh network.

He wasn't on any of those.

I know that across the street there is a AP, I don't know anything about it though. And I've scene one other secured.

I'm going to grab some gear from work to track down the unknown unsecured wireless AP and get that secured - that way, I can control what this guy connects too. I'll take down my public AP for maintenance ;) Then, I'll setup my spare to my direct internet connection and leave it open for him. Of course, I'm not THAT nice - I'll ensure to log all traffic to see what I can see and if I'm around when he is, see if I can snag some details ;)

I'll be nice and post a sign on my window identifying that connecting to any public AP on my network is subject to my packet inspection and some other legalize. Not my fault he didn't take the time to read my AUP ;)

I'll post any updates later.