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In a time not so long ago, in a place not so far away, there was a boy. Part of this boys job included watching the fences around his fathers farm. This farm had a large number of chickens. Lots and lots of chickens. Some where bigger, some smaller. Some where so big they couldn't leave the farm even if they wanted too. 

On one particular day, it was identified that there was a hole in one of the fences. Not a big hole, but enough that a small wolf could get in if it so choosed. The boy ran to his father and yelled come quick - there is a hole! The father came out, looked at the hole and proclamed that it wasn't a big deal. The father sent all the workers home for the weekend and told them to fix the hole when they could. 

Time past. No wolfs entered the farm where the hole was but they saw that it was there. 

A few weeks later, the boy came running to his father again - there's a hole! This time is a was a bigger hole. The father came out and looked at it - said yes, its a hole. But at most, only a few chickens would be lost or hurt. He had a second person look at the hole and he said that he knew about the hole! He then went on to say that for this hole, it would require a wolf to get close enough to the hole, and a chicken to be close to the hole before any damnage would happen. So they desided to fix it later. 

The boy started to get upset. He wondered what was the point of looking for holes, when his father desided that the hole didn't matter. 

-- To be continued --