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My wife and I are helping clean up my mom/dads house. In the process we found the rules to one of our favorite games: Aggravation Rummy.

This game requires 2 Decks and is played with jokers
Played with 3-7 players

Start by shuffling the two decks together. Deal 10 Cards to each player, and place one card face up. There are 7 contracts that must be filled before you can continue into the next round.

  1. 3 sets of 3
  2. 1 set of 3 and a run of 4
  3. 2 sets of 4
  4. 2 runs of 4
  5. Run of 4 and a set of 4
  6. 4 sets of 3 
  7. Run of 7 and a set of 3
Melding Rules
The above table shows the initial meld requirements. Having laid down your initial meld you can add more cards to your own and other players' melds in the same or subsequent turns.

In runs, aces count high or low but not both. J-Q-K-A and A-2-3-4 are allowed but K-A-2-3 is not. There is no rule against a player laying down two consecutive runs in the same suit, such as 3-4-5-6 and 7-8-9-10 of hearts, as separate runs, but once they are on the table separate runs must remain separate - runs cannot be joined or split.

A set can consist of any three or more cards of the same rank - identical cards can be included. A pair (needed for hand 14) is two cards of the same rank. There is no rule against a player melding two sets of the same rank.

Jokers and twos are wild. A set or run may contain any number of wild cards to substitute for missing cards, however it may not excide more then 50% of the original meld. The player must specify (if it is not clear) whether the meld is a run or a set, the rank of the set, and the rank and suit of a run. Wild cards once melded cannot be moved - a player who holds the real card represented by a melded wild card is not allowed to substitute the real card for the wild card.


When it is your turn, you are able to buy the face up cards. You can only buy the cards when you are able to lay down your meld, or use the card in an existing meld after you have already laid down your meld. The penalty for buying the card, is you much pick-up all face up cards in the pile.

Play ends when a player "goes out" by getting rid of all the cards from their hand. This can be done by putting down all the cards in melds or by discarding one's last card. Each of the other players scores penalty points for the cards they are holding:

Wild cards (Jokers and 2s) 20
Aces 15
Picture cards 10
3s to 10s 5

At the end of the 15 deals, the player with the lowest score is the winner, the next lowest is second, etc.


+1 #5 Paul 2012-01-22 12:01
Deal 13 cards. Make the following combos, each incremented by one card per round.
1- 2 sets of 3
2- 1 set of 3 and 1 run of 4
3- 2 runs of 4
4- 3 sets of 3
5- 2 sets of 3 and 1 run of 4
6- 1 set of 3 and 2 runs of 4
7- 3 runs of 4
8- 3 sets of 3 and 1 run of 4

No card replacement.
+1 #4 The man 2011-02-13 01:25
The correct rules allow a player to substitute a card in his/her hand for a wild card played, so long as the wild card is played on the same turn.

Also, players are not permitted to "buy" cards until after the 4th contract starts, and you can only buy a limited number of times (I forget at the moment how many they are, but it varies for each contract after that)
+1 #3 Paul TJ 2010-11-02 12:03
We play with 13 cards each and 16 contracts. Wild cards are 25 points not 20 in our version. I believe this to be the full rules, with many versions cut down to limit the time played. We often play this at Christmas with 6-8 people and it can go on for hours!

1. 2 sets of 3
2. Run of 4, set of 3
3. Run of 7
4. Hi-Lo (run of 4 between 9-Ace and a run of 4 between 3-8)
5. 2 sets of 4
6. Run of 4, set of 4
7. Set of 5, set of 3
8. Run of 8
9. 3 sets of 3
10. Run of 5, set of 4
11. Run of 9
12. 2 sets of 5
13. Run of 10
14. Run of 6, set of 4
15. Set of 6, run of 4
16. Run of 11
+2 #2 Cindy 2009-05-11 18:44
The contracts for aggravation rummy we have and enjoy in our house are as follows:
1. 2 sets of 3
2. 2 runs of 3
3. 1 set of 3 & and run of 4
4. 3 sets of 3
5. 2 sets of 5
6. 1 run of 6 & a set of 3
7. 1 run of 7
8. 2 runs of 4
9. 1 run of 7 & a set of 3
10. 1 set of 4 & a run of 5
11. 1 run of 9

This is played with 2 decks of cards all other rules I read above are the same.

Thank you
+1 #1 Chuck Unger 2009-05-05 19:59
When I played we had 1o hands:
2 Books of 3
Book of 3 & Run of 4
Run of 7
2 Books of 4
Run of 8
Book of 4 & Run of 4
Run of 9
Run of 5 & a Pair
Book of 5 and a pair
Book of 5 & Run of 3
Run of 11
2 Books of 5
But I found another list of hands (my own) and it has no run of 8, but the first run is a run of 5, then seven then 9 and 11.
Which set of hands is correct?

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