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I've been noticing an ever increasing amount of "An internal server error occurred. Please try again later." on my websites - usually related to me doing something like posting an image, or checking my web mail. At first I thought it was related to my apache/php server - turns out, I forgot I have a front end proxy to filter out some crap stuff. I'd post a diagram on how I'm setup, but I can't upload pictures :)

So - from the internet -> proxy -> back end web servers (Yes, I know there is an 's' on the end of that) I'll update the post with details of my repair as I figure this out - I can't access my network from work so it'll have to wait till tonight.

For those of you who would like this - the my front end proxy is: Pound


So there seems to be new versions - one thing in the new version is the ability to set the timeout value - basicly, pound was waiting for 15 seconds then dies waiting for a response from the backend servers - some scripts were taking a little while to respond causing the proxy to die - building the new version and testing it out.