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This mapping was completed the evening of Feb 19th, as such, people were submitting samples at the same time. The mapping can be found:

 Here are some notes I posted to twitter about it:

  • About 21 Samples were last submitted BEFORE 2010, with seriously low detections
  • Submitted dates:
    • 254 Samples had been submitted to VirusTotal prior to Feb 18th 2013
    • 33 Submitted on Feb 18/19/20 (Some of these may have been submitted prior)
    • Over 715 samples were never sent to VirusTotal
  • Detection Rates at time of submission
    • 114 Samples of the 288 had 50% or less 
    • 227 with less then 75%
    • Zero over 90%
  • First two submitted malware to VirusTotal was in 2007, 42.4% and 52.8% detection rate at the time
  • The following two were submitted in 2008 with 15.2% and 42.1% detection rate at the time