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My Todo list:

I'm hoping that as I go on I can Strike out Diffent thing as I go :)

  • Upgrade the Router
    • Install new HDD
    • Update Firewall scripts
    • Fix IPSec
    • FTP Proxy
    • Fix IPv6 Setup
      • Fix BGP routing for IPv6
    • Enable OSPF routing for internal networks
      • Why can't other servers see
        • had proxy arp - needed to remove since i'm OSPF now.
  • My Site
    • Erm About Jay - The CMS?! I gotta do titles
    • Add the image to my white paper
    • Upload layout/template
    • Implement LDAP so I can like, you know, login!
  • UML
    • Build Slackbased UML core
    • Add Tun/Tap to Host Systems
    • Move Systems to UML
      • I got a lot of things to move to UML
      • Lineage (to beta test the move)
      • Mysql
      • websites
      • hosted websites
  • Write WifiDog with Joomla as backend
  • Write Mailing list importer for SMF for @Highway
  • Update Nagios to new version
  • Update Cacti to new version
  • Update my Logo here :)
That's all I can think of for now. But I know I'm missing stuff!